Current research

Vegan Living


Eco-friendly traveling

CO2 reduction for companies

Non violent communication for leaders and co-workers

The role of contribution of enterprises to society

Universal basic income: How to?

How to make research insights available for everyone

Low budget start-up strategy

The future of cruelty free, sustainable farming

How to encourage people to question unhealthy beliefs of former generations

Key factors for a healthy and long life

Prohibiting the massive negative impact of alcohol on society, because of social pressure, especially on young adults to consume

Epigenetics and how training your mind is essential

Renovating instead of building new houses

Off-grid, autonomous energy generation

Why to live with plants and animals

Quality over quantity of social interaction

Ethics over religion. How to free people from religious fanaticism and make them commit to a science based, common, global code of ethics and values, free from misused religious power.

Ending poverty by micro credits

How to become your own doctor by understanding your DNA and continuous evaluation of laboratory value

Meditation in business environments for team building and self organization

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