bonovooo – We create digital and analog experiences for a kind & sustainable world.

Branding and Strategy

Graphic Design, Print

Web, Mobile, Social Media

Cross-media Campaigns

Animation, Video, Stories

Consulting, Teaching, Workshops

Product design and SEO

Connecting People with Ideas

bonovooo is working as a collective, adapting to our individual projects.
We enjoy working together with a large network of talented people in many different fields.

Looking for Freedom

bonovooo stands side by side with clients, partners and friends who take responsibility for their actions.

We help creating new ways of a responsible economy for the common good and equal benefit for all humans and nature.

Do the Limbo Dance

Based on the simple but profound concept that every action has a consequence, we are shaping our environment for a joyful now and a hopeful future.

Our everyday activities should reflect our responsibility towards the world.

We’re gonna have some Fun

We are not afraid of loving our work.

We love challenges and creating compassionate, creative solutions by bringing together playful people with different talents.

Is Everybody Happy?

We gratefully accept the gifts and knowledge of our ancestors and use our skills to the best of our belief for the next generations.

We see the challenges of our times and contribute to make a positive future shine.

We are happy to hear from you …

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MM.Sc. Eva-Maria Michelcic


Perg, Austria