7 rules for better mindful living

1. Before doing a task, check if its alignment with your values and if it leads to longterm joy

Today we are facing a lot of recommendations and good advice from many different sources. Often they are also psychologically designed to get you into buying somebodies stuff or ideas, just because they made you belief you lack something. If you feel whole and happy and you know your inner resources, you are less likely open to be manipulated.

So before buying stuff you don´t need, spending time on fulfilling expectations from strangers, because they made you feel less worthy without their product or somebody made you change your positive goals, because they frightened you with worst-case-scenarios that will realistically never happen, do the following:

  1. Get in touch with your inner, loving core – maybe touching your heart with your hands helps, closing your eyes or taking some deep breaths
  2. Ask yourself, how would the best version of you feel with integrating the suggested idea, task or product. Will this new item or idea create more joy in your life longterm?
  3. In doubt, do a kinesiology finger muscle test. You find many instructions on Youtube.
  4. Always be also aware, that something that is perfect for somebody else doesn´t automatically mean it also serves your needs. We are all different and have individual demands for a happy life.

2. Get enough sleep, eat healthy food and watch your energy level

What sounds like a simple headline is not so easy to be followed through on a daily basis, because of what´s offered by current social norms, advertising and capitalistic interests from others.

Anyways, we always charge our smart-phone before leaving the house, to make sure the battery delivers enough energy so our device can successfully accomplish all tasks ahead. Of course we can not reduce a human body solemnly on the idea of being a machine, but in many ways our human cells are also small engines, who need the right fuel, regeneration time and positive stimulus to perform at optimum level.

Exploiting your body to show off at work as being the one, who is ruining him- or herself the most to get the job done, is not smart or worth copying at all. In working environments you will often encounter people, who are under the influence of addictions like smoking, alcohol, unhealthy eating, abusive relationships and also addiction for external recognition, because of low self-esteem. Many people also don´t know, how to build up more inner energy through sports, plant-based food, music, spending time in nature or with animals or meditation. They will try to pull you down to their low energy level by insulting you for being boring, a joy-killer or non-performer e.g. for leaving company parties sober „already“ around midnight to be of value again the next day. However – again, know your personal values, stick to your inner joy of love for a healthy, happy life and just smile at bullies and wish them to heal, so they can once feel as whole and happy as you feel today. Remember also, the people insulting you for taking care of your health, will not be able to be there for you in the future, because they will become sick themselves sooner or later.

Many „hungry souls“ will try to get the most out of you and exploit your energy and they have strong mechanisms in place, especially if you have found and possess in yourself what they miss. So constantly check your energy level around other people, and check, if you are currently really capable and want to fulfill manipulative peoples desires. If you have overflowing energy available to yourself that day, of course it´s not only altruistic, but it also gives joy to ourself to help others. But say „no“ and be clear about it, if your energy level is already low or the demanded task will only drain you and doesn´t lead to happiness and joy for yourself and others in the future. Make sure if you invest energy, that it´s really worth it and you will not heavily suffer yourself from helping others in the end, so you can´t be of help for anyone anymore. Give only as much as you can, while still keeping your own battery-status at a heathy level.

3. Consume uplifting information

Nowadays the business of news media is grabbing your attention as long as possible. In my opinion providing useful information is not really their primary task, instead it´s infotainment to capture your time.

So – while you maybe think you are informing yourself as a dutiful citizen about politics, economics and international developments your are in mass media more likely to be just manipulated into being pulled into the drama of the most scary stories happening in the world, whereas the advertising time before, in between and after news blocks are the most expensive blocks in television for a reason.

We people are kind of psychologically hooked on wanting to be warned. Pain and drama is something we are naturally drawn to, because it stimulates our brain the most. Drama means excitement for many people trained unhealthy by media over the years.

So, of course we should stay informed about what´s going on in the world as well, if we want to. But we should carefully watch how much time we spend on reading negative stories, comments and problems, especially if we don´t have the training or knowledge to do anything about and we feel only overwhelmed and exhausted by all this information. I think we need to focus on problems, we actually have the skills to help solve. For example, if I focus on a war going on at the other side of the world the whole day, without being a diplomat or peace negotiator myself, my precious energy and time is wasted and is no longer available to help people around me, with my skills, time and energy which can actually benefit the world.

Other personal implications are also, when you consume too much negative information, that you start to form an image of the world as an unworthy, cruel place to live in. I think there is much power in our daily thoughts, what kind of world we can create. So being inspired by positive and uplifting thoughts, will make you explore more and more joyful and wonderful ways to create and build a wonderful life for yourself and people around you. So watch carefully, which information will make it into your life as a basis for future outcomes.

4. Stick to your best and most happy identity by knowing your „Why“

First be aware, not everyone you encounter wants you to be happy. Sometimes you realize that people, who are supposed to be the ones who love and support you the most – for example family, friends or your partner, have subconsciously higher interest in sabotaging your positive change or living your best life, because they are afraid of losing you and your resources, if you pursue a better life for yourself, that doesn´t include them. The last lines are not meant for malign egoists, but for people who always try to please others.

So we have to be very strong, confident and build up mechanisms to make sure to be our own leader in life. „I will lead myself to my best future, not follow others.“ To stay strong on a continuous basis, we have to remind ourself about where we want to head in life, how we truly wish to live and what satisfied our needs. Our „Why“ we deserve a joyful life and „Why“ we are ready to invest energy to achieve a great life in our terms, must be clear and we have to train ourselves to defend our values, positive energy and love for life.

People stick very much to their given identity and the defined role they play in life. So make sure, the role you make your own and live up to, is the one you really wish to have. For example, if you define yourself a non-smoker you will never accept an offered cigarette, because your ego defends your identity of being a non-smoker. So write down a list of what is part of your best identity and be careful what adverbs you put after „I am …“. If you tell yourself, I am a self-aware, loving, calm and peaceful person, you are less likely to start a fight in the supermarket, because it simply isn´t in alignment with your identity.

5. Make your home a clean and calm space for regeneration, joy and love

Life can be noisy, adventurous and wild and that´s wonderful! But it is essential to come home to a safe heaven, where you are surrounded by objects, plants, people and maybe animals, that help you replenish.

And this doesn´t mean you need a large house, many items and lots of luxury. Of course you can have those things, if it´s important to you – but what´s more important is, that you are surrounded by objects that make you happy, are intentionally placed with positive energy and that you are definitely not surrounded by items to impress visitors, although they don´t bring joy to you.

It does really help to touch every object in your home and then ask yourself, does this object still bring happiness, peace and love into my life – or has it already fulfilled it´s purpose a long time ago and is now only blocking space and energy.

In general it is better to have less, but the right things around you every day and to get rid of all material baggage, that does no longer serve you. Above that, giving away possessions you now longer need, maybe gives the item a new life and a meaningful purpose in another home.

6. Daily Meditation, Exercise, Nutrition

Nowadays there is so many information available on how to meditate, exercise and many dietary plans.

I will name my most preferred techniques, that I picked out of many and have proven themselves in my life over the years.

For meditation I prefer plain and simple, non-religious more body focused Vipassana meditation. There are also many powerful, guided meditations available e.g. on Youtube and in Podcasts. Still I just want to also pick out EFT-Tapping, Access Consciousness, Incantations and Alpha Brain Waves Meditations as useful for different personal demands.

Your body cells only work perfectly if they are provided with enough nutrition, energy, oxygen, photons etc. and if their automatism for self-cleansing is stimulated. So there is nothing that replaces physical movement to keep your body healthy. No medicine in the world can bring the positive effects of encouraging natural processes in the body like sports. Make moving your body joyful and fun, be aware of what your body wants that day. Maybe it´s just dancing to music, go for a long run in your next favorite outdoor are, just Yoga, Egoscue or Pilates or play a ball sport with a friend or go for a relaxing swim or or or … learn riding, when you spending time with an animal encourages you to stay active. Just move and enjoy your body!!!

I am 100% convinced, also because of the most scientific evidence available today, that a plant-based diet will lead to the longest and most healthy life. Unless you are not into a vegan diet yet, be assured that every vegan will love to help you provide you with information on how to easily adapt a vegan diet. Books and information on a vegan diet have also exploded in the past years. After being vegan for over 15 years, I can only reassure you, it has been one of the wisest decisions in my life to use this diet to help reduce CO2 emissions, save innocent animals from dying, use earths resources more effectively, help reduce world hunger and experiencing the best health and blood values for myself.

Above that, educate yourself on food supplements. We should chose to provide our body with best available micronutrients, to prevent diseases from easily avoidable male nutrition, because sometimes it´s hard to say, if the soil your food has grown on, really can provide all necessary minerals, your body currently needs for your cells to work perfectly.

7. You are the only one responsible for your life

Of course we are also all connected, of course your surroundings influence you – but it is always in our own power, how we react to what´s going on around us.

By giving responsibility of what´s going on in your life to politicians, our boss, the neighbors, our partner or whoever, we always give away our power.

It´s a decision to no longer accept somebody else has power over you, it´s just a mental thing. If you are now looking for excuses and examples in your head, why this isn´t true, simply read Viktor Frankl or ask yourself the question, why some people gain enormous strength from miserable situations to prevent others from experiencing the same.

If ever circumstances are miserable, immediately ask yourself, what kind of healthy and proactive resources are available to you now, to solve the root of the problem and never try to just numb it with alcohol, drugs or superficial distraction. Instead create a solid, wise foundation and healthy mechanisms to help create a better world for yourself and everybody else.

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